“And he’ll have one green eye and one blue…”

Remember when you were a young girl and you dreamt of your “dream husband”, he always wound up looking like a Ken doll or perhaps like a Disney character of sorts right? You’d piece him together with what attributes you held value with at the time. Of course he was of the flawless nature, had a permeant kind smile solely fixated on you and no one else. This mind-made man was so dreamy everyone would be super jealous – I mean, especially because he would almost always come riding into your life on horseback. Maybe for some of you Dream Man was a strong lumberjack or just your average blonde beach babe (of course like Ken himself). Mine, most of the time was a cross between Sean Hunter from Boy Meets World and Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Charming.

Needless to say, Sean Charming never stumbled upon my lunch table to make me blush over his cuteness pre-reprimanding from Feeney or in my local forest to finish the words to my yearning love songs with the woodland creatures. Here I am twenty-four and still befuddled by my childhood misconceptions about love and the perfect mate…clearly it’s all my mother’s fault for bringing me up in the city void of any magical forests. 

Given that it is the encroaching days leading up to all Hallow’s Eve I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite holiday classics such as Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic. Thus, you find the understanding of how I managed to let my mind wander over to this focus of thought. Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies and has many scenes I will never be able to get out of my head (this I am nowhere near upset about whatsoever, replay please!) One in particular that I have an undying love affair with is the scene in which Sally conjures up a love spell for the “Perfect Man” in order to avoid the unrelenting Owen family Curse of Heartache.

Sally’s True Love Spell called Amas Veritas: “He will hear my call a mile away. He will whistle my favorite song. He can ride a pony backwards. He can flip pancakes in the air. He’ll be marvelously kind. And his favorite shape will be a star. And he’ll have one green eye and one blue.”

Thinking of this makes me realize that although I am not a child anymore and may not hold value to such frivolous characteristics, I do however catch myself subconsciously attempting to pull off an “Amas Veritas” pretty much on a daily basis. Quite the waste of time, I’m sure is what you all are thinking. Maybe, but remember I’ve already fearlessly declared to all of you how much “I just Love love”. 

Tonight after work I was thinking of what my spell would be if I were Sally and could conjure up the perfect man void of any heartbreak…

He’d have a sort of crooked smile that would form out of a giggle after I made yet another one of my witty comments or fearlessly honest and blunt questions about life. He’d find it so perfect that I am forever in a separate love affair with words and that my chose modes of expressing this is through lettering and crating. He’d be strong willed and my biggest fan even when I’m being a bit testy out of the blue (sorry I am a gemini it’s part of the package deal). We’d have a constant connection of building interest in exploration of all things new. Most of all, he’d just adore me – by this I mean he’d always look at me as if I’ve somehow done it again (gone ahead and managed to make him fall even more in love with me than I had the day before). 

A simplistic love, not an extravagant one full of childish vanities such as the ones I held value to when I was in grade school drawing up my first picturesque love story in my head of Sean Charming. 

Maybe my conjurings of true love will be helpful to me or maybe not but nonetheless its great to see the development of my mind. My shift in values is for the better and I see an establishment in maturity that I am quite proud of myself for. Looks practically didn’t even make the revised list of Dream Boy 2013 if you choose not to count the quirky smile requirements. Now I focus on converging interests and qualities that promote each other’s happiness such as our ability to laugh and connect. 

I’m sure none, or very few of you, managed to come to life-altering thoughts such as these from recently re-watching those classic childhood films you’ll never be able to get enough of such as Practical Magic. Perhaps my mind tends to wander in bizarre directions but I like it this way & so will Dream Man…drafts 1-500. 

How did you channel your happiness today? : )

– D 


…while you were waiting

that’s when they say life happens…while we’re waiting. Today, September 6th, I did a lot of waiting. I waited for a text, I waited for a source of inspiration, I waited for perfect timing. Did any of these things surface you ask?

Well, the text, not exactly but that may or may not be for the better – let’s say it was for the better. The source of inspiration, I’ll say yes. The sun was out and the air today, oh, that air wasn’t she a beauty. The wind was full of potential and fall feelings, and of course this was inspiration in and of itself. I mean, it was aside from the lovely handmade banner of vintage handkerchiefs I had sewn the night before which now lay strung across the windowsill catching all the inspiring beautiful lighting of the day.


Lastly, perfect timing, now this one I question. For the sake of positivity I will indefinitely go with YES. I managed to muster out some perfect timing to have ample travel time to work just to keep my state calm and in tune with the three important sectors of ourselves – body, mind & spirit. As a result I had made it to Newbury Street just in time for what I had hoped to accomplish for the day, afternoon tea at my renewed favorite coffee shop Pavement. Although you may see this “accomplishment” as slightly trivial it truly is not. I am a being of indecisiveness and procrastination, as we all tend to be from time to time. I’ve found in recent months that tasking myself with the accomplishment of little joys, such as this Afternoon High Tea, enable me to maintain this happiness I so longingly crave to develop. Look at me, just blossoming into a happy individual with a sense of accomplishment right before your eyes.


Still, even though all this waiting had the ability to turn into all good things I worry about how much of my day’s potential was wasted as I waited. Did I stay in bed too long and just miss that individual I was supposed to have a “meet cute” with on the main streets of town (maybe it would have turned out we were destined to be the dearest of friends)? Was I wasting my beautiful mind on too many worries of the past when the future is waiting for me to take hold and create it already? Was laziness an inhibiting factor to my health causing me to bypass the opportunity to create yet another delicious creation for the world of us Gluten Free and Dairy Free eaters out here? All these questions may never be answered but one not listed will be. Am I going to let life be left unanswered and not happening due to my waiting around for another day? NO SIR!!

Sure, I’ll admit we’re all going to have our lazy days and moments of focusing on the past and how it will play into the current. What I aim to do is focus my mind on progress and chose opportunity for living over opportunity for dwelling. Today, for a major portion of the hours, I chose to dwell in my home. Of course this home is a darling home where anyone wouldn’t mind dwelling in happiness for a few hours per day. What I focus my concerns on is the fact that I could have had a lot MORE accomplished by stepping out of my home comfort zone. As the age-old question goes, “why leave till tomorrow what can be done today”. I concur, “exactly, why!?”.

With all of these ponderings and conclusions said, tomorrow’s potential is already surging through my veins and I can not WAIT for it to happen!! Life will be beautiful tomorrow and it is because I have added to my awareness and in doing so have developed another successful tactic to attaining my persistent state of happiness I CHOOSE to LIVE & PROLONG. Also, that I hopefully inspire in everyone else around me. Those who read this, perhaps those who I already know but have unfortunately lost touch with, or even those who I meet (maybe in the park during a sweet picnic with a wonderful old friend of mine tomorrow).

|do take time to breathe in that breezy air when you get there|

|do take time to breathe in that breezy air when you get there|

Whoever you are, wherever or however our happiness converges let it feed off each other a vibrate through the rest of the universe for all the other people still waiting. The weekend has arrived and I am thinking… “Saturday seems like a perfect day to start living, don’t you?”

How did you find happiness today?



these cold feet we walk in

More often than not I find myself smothered with a brain full of nervousness and precocious thoughts. With such a mind it is clear to see why I find it difficult to come to any solid plans for my future.

Take a week ago, I came to the life-altering conclusion that I am undoubtedly meant to become a nutritionist. Give it about a week later and I am scared, confused and overwhelmed with thoughts of negativity obviously brought on by fears. All sorts of fears; fears of failure, incompetence, rash decision-making, forced destiny and a wide array of others.

I’d like to say after a few days I trumped these fearful thoughts with my positivity and self security in who I am and will be, but I will be nothing if not honest by admitting that these fears still linger on. Being such a positive individual I can not believe that I am letting this be the inhibitor to my success in life. In all honesty I am happy I can recognize these fears and face them. It is after all, only human to experience these aspects of life with such extreme changes coming about.

I am confident in the development of the self that I know and can familiarize with – the maker, motivator, crafter, designer, aesthetically geared super creator. Yet, whilst I have been developing myself in these innate ways I still feel a portion of myself missing, the savvy and bold side. I can produce mind-bogglingly creative pieces of work with an attention to detail that would amaze the masses. What is the downside to that you ask? When it comes to figuring out how to channel these gifts into a profitable lifestyle and career…cue the car crash sound followed by a bunch of crickets… I’m dumbfounded to say the least!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my achilles heel, the dreaded source of all my woes and worry. My creative brain has minimal, if any, talent to blossom my beautiful creations into careers without the business savvy side. In my attempt to develop a business mind I chose to go back to school but perhaps in a totally different career path such as nutrition. Little did I think that a new career path would come as a package deal of multiple other concerns lining up more road blocks to the pathway of success I so longingly dream for. The paths I also watch all my loved ones commence down towards success.

I started this blog as an outlet to channel more positivity into the universe and find the good in myself and the world around me. As you read this post and the previous one I do not meant to diverge from this plan and to mislead you all into a totally opposite type of writing.

I mean only to let you all know what is going on in my head, so maybe some of you well seasoned life experiencers and live-ers can help a girl find her path in a most thought-provoking and fearful period of change. How can I face my fears instead of attempting to bypass them? How do I achieve this success? How have you?

My first post was about the rain and how truly lovely it is and will forever be. The other day as I woke for a relaxing holiday weekend it was starting to rain and I couldn’t be any happier. Some folks find the rain depressing and an inhibitor to their day but I couldn’t disagree with them more. I find the rain to be that moment of exhaling that we all desperately are in need of during a stressful week or a trying time or maybe just in the middle of our everyday lives. We all need that much overlooked moment of “ahhh”, just to breath. When I heard of the rain to come as I woke this weekend I was so excited for that moment of “ahh” and clarity but to my dismay it was very brief and barely lasted.

How to we enable the good moments to last longer? Like the rain on a day full of thought rather than a void cloudy sky of indecisiveness or like the endless flow of positivity in one’s mind rather than the onslaught of fear.

I have this thought – “if you will it, it will be.” I will the confidence to make a fearless decision about my destiny, one void of worries or woes. A decision well-rounded in awareness and prepared consideration. I can not walk much farther in the cold feet any longer…the weather is changing and it’s time for warm socks to fill these traveling shoes after all! : )

finding you…

one of the many reasons I started this blog is to start to understand myself better as well as promote my pathway to finding a great purpose. Ever since meeting Joshua at Masa a few weeks back I had mentioned how much his presence impacted me, it still does. Not him exactly, but more so his impressive ability to channel an impressive power to make me want to be around someone with such alluring vibrance, excitement, sheer love of life and infectious spirit.

ladies and gentlemen, I AM BECOMING AN INFECTIOUS SPIRIT! How? Slowly but surely self discovery is enabling me to figure this answer out. The first step is change, only the good kind though! : )

Stay Beautiful!!

Stay Beautiful!!

in the past few months I feel as though my mind has been fine tuning its ability to channel awareness, in particular an awareness to negativity – the unwanted. If I am not feeling good, if my mind is out of whack, if I respond in a distasteful manner to someone else around me, if my day has been beneficial to developing a sense of purpose or not. All of these eye-openers have been an everyday concern of mine thus building up all the stress I have let consume me over the past months. I have seen myself become more and more beaten down by the thought that I HAVE to be around this and I HAVE to deal with this everyday. Then, the day came, the lightbulb went off!! I realized that is not why I have awareness though, I have been putting it to waste!

I need to understand that this awareness of negative influences is showing me what to limit in my life in order to attract and channel the goodness for which I am in constant search. I used to struggle through bad day after bad day thinking it was toughening me up and making me prepared for the good days I longed for and know I deserve. Why wait though?! Lets live a good, happy, fulfilling, vibrant, inspiring and wholesome life RIGHT NOW!!

seeing as my awareness is at an all time high I am teaching myself to use it to also channel a positivity awareness. Find what makes me feel good and develop that happiness I am longing for as my everyday lifestyle. With this said, I am extremely interested in the Holistic Approach to living. It seems like I had yet another one of my favorite “Duh” moments. In order to reach a happiness I need everything to be in a positive flow – mind, body & spirit. With just one of these out of sync I am back to the drawing board. So yes, DUH, a constant positivity awareness is key!

I started this new lifestyle last week in the hopes of developing myself as that charismatic and alluringly inspiring individual whom Joshua had made me yearn to be. What exactly have I found?

Eat Organic & Give Treat Your Body as a Temple!!

Eat Organic & Give Treat Your Body as a Temple!!

I do have to say the body and mind are much more tightly bound than we think, if I feel groggy I want to do nothing and if I feel fresh and fueled I am completely motivated. Now you are having a duh moment, you are thinking everyone knows that. What I am really getting at is Nutrition and how we need to respond to what our body is ASKING US for. For example, you crave chocolate. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sad and need comfort food & a girly movie, it may be your body telling you that it is serotonin deficient. Your body is saying I am out of whack please supply me with necessary nutrients such as nuts, seeds, legumes or fruits to balance out these levels of neurotransmitters!

The chocolate circumstance is just one of many learning experiences I have had and responded to in such an amazing way. All week I have been testing this approach to living, responding to my body in a mindful rather than ignorant and assuming way. Instead of just eating to eat or scarfing down food because it is dinnertime I will plan out my day and assess how I feel per what is needed and right for me. Thus, I can be at my best form of self to attain my sense of accomplishment and purpose. As a domino affect I see myself slowly become that little ray of sunshine I’d like to think I am. The domino affect continues to fall in the right direction and with each positive step I take in this right direction I am attracting people to my positivity flow!

Be a little selfish but in a good sense in order to develop your best YOU. After all you can not offer a positive asset to the world until you are fully developed as a positive existence. From there we can live in a more giving nature and let our existence of goodness and happiness be the contagious agent in the world which it NEEDS to be! Support the good kind of change! Be you’re best you!

Hopefully you can feel my excitement and yearning to develop my holistic self through this blog post. I will let you know how the approach continues to pan out and I would love any and ALL feedback!!

Take care –

Be good to YOU –

Be good to the World –

PS. How did YOU find happiness today?!

xox D

forever ours…

all week I have been pondering love, its goodness and it’s power to consume us.


Last night I attended the most unsuspected of loves, my dearest of friends from high school gave her heart away to someone in front of all her loved ones and I was instantly consumed by their love. They never really flaunted their affection before so I was shocked by how much feeling was aroused by the sight of their mere hand holding and her shy gazes at his unwavering fixation on her pure beauty.

Love that can be felt not only by the two hearts that created the bond, but also by all who are around it is in my mind the most promising kinds of love. A love that consumes all around it and instantly stirs up a collective unity of happiness. Mila & Javi have attained this and I hope for nothing short of this in my life. Being around them and experiencing this familial happiness was a gift last night, imagine having that gift everyday? Some would say it would be a dream but I’ll say it will be an actuality I can not wait to experience.

During my week I pondered love practically everyday, not just in the mindset of preparing for M&J’s nuptials but also as my usual daily ponderings. I often think of concerns about how to find it, how to maintain it, how to reach a state of being in which you deserve such a beautiful gift as to be loved. I came to a few conclusions…

As an old fashioned broad (I am a youthful 24 year old who secretly thinks she’s meant for the 1950s) I look to sorts of love that inspire me. My Nonna Gira and Nonno Dio had the most amazing of loves that in my experience thus far is what I aspire to have. Gira and Dio used to live in a quaint town in Italy where everyone knew each other and the neighborhood was more like an everyday family reunion. Gira was a tasteful woman who was full of tradition and she had her eyes set on “The Beautiful One”, as Dio was nicknamed by everyone in town. Her curiosity and growing interest in Dio would make her do the most childish of things like rush to the window and adore him as he passed by whilst on his walks through town.

Years later after their playful love affair blossomed into a full-blown family of three generations I am lucky enough to be here saying I am a product of their beautiful love. It inspires me and gives me the happiness I need to know that to be your fun and youthful and ever-curious self is the only way to attain your dreams, it worked then as much as it works now.

Love brings happiness, whether it is your own love with another person or two influential people in your life’s love that positively affects you – love is the key agent to a fulfilling life. I used to be convinced love was a thing you had to keep as solely your own and you had to protect but as I’ve grown in the past few weeks I’ve come to a “duh moment” as I’d like to so sophisticatedly call it. I’ve always thought to take preventative measures of maintaining love you had to make sure I only grew with you and that one other person because that was what my thoughts of fear were guiding me to do. Every relationship I’ve had, no surprise at all, have eventually been unsuccessful endeavors of the heart because of these uneducated thoughts. It is the complete opposite that proves true love’s test of time.

Taking a much-needed note from M&J, Gira&Dio and all other loves that have thus far influenced me in a positive light, it’s about the ability to share in two people’s love and presence in your life. How often have you thought “I love you guys you are so great together”? When I think of the times I’ve said that it is about someone with a great and bountiful shared love like the ones I’ve mentioned. It is what it is really all about – communal love building on happiness.

Today I am so full of happiness I feel the need to give it to everyone I pass on my meanderings around town all day! Later on tonight I will go meet someone for drinks that I met the other day. We had an instant connection and so much fun, I hope for a night of fun and laughter. I am going to start my next week off in the right way, I am sharing my love and building on the happiness of not just myself but also all those around me and shoving all that unnecessary fear to the side.

Here is to Sunday sunday & all the inspirational lovers out there – be bold and be consumed by an infectious kind of love!

PS. Song of the day ((“Bella” by Angus & Julia Stone))


oh yes, and I got bangs!!

How did you find your happiness today?



take a hike

where did all the shadow people go?

Massachusetts has been my home for as long as I’ve lived,  a somewhat short 24 years,  but nonetheless it’s been home all the while. As of recently though I’ve had quite the itch to explore and understand the world around me. Being from here and still having yet to see most of my neighboring towns I find I have Quite a bit of work to do. So I better get started…

bucket list item #1 of life: Start to hike and become an avid mountain lover of nature and all it has to offer me. Here I come world, well Milton I mean…baby steps! My newfound love for hiking and the wondrous outdoors took me about a half hour away from my hometown to The Blue Hills Reservation.

after talking to some folks that seemed to be well seasoned in hiking the area I decided to do what I do best and just start to wander. I was in absolute heaven, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot and I had my backpack full of fresh basil infused water that I just can not get enough of!

I hiked up both paved grounds as well as the much more pebble and stump infested terrains. I loved them all but my very wobbly ankles are a constant concern so I was sure to keep switching between both to give them the rest they required.

soaking up the natural beauty

along my travels I came across what I will dramatically refer to as an oasis. There was a lake towards the backside of the hills where tons of families met up to find happiness in the form of company, food and relaxation by the lake. There were trees connected by the most colorful of hammocks I would’ve dreamt up in one of my fantastical meanderings of the mind. I loved it, I felt like I stumbled upon a party no one knew about but me.

as I continued my journey I made sure to hunt & gather a few branches for work. I am part of our Visuals Team for Free People and we are in need of “wispy fingerlike branches” for our Fall Install happening in the early hours tomorrow.  As a creative soul I am very in touch with my attention to detail and have a slightly obsessive attention to detail. Here I had the opportunity to put this to great use and find just the best of the best branches in this endless variety the earth was offering to me. Thank you Mother Nature!!

branch bundles!

with a small green Camrey filled with branches I rode back to my destination, a dinner party of a few of my favorite people I have been unfortunately unable to see for months on end. Three of my college friends had just arrived at my house for a dinner party. Today was turning out just as perfect as I had intended for it to be. I accomplished my first hiking expedition, sparked my curiosity in a totally new way in which I can not wait to revisit, knocked off one item of my bucket list and was just about to cook a delicious dinner. Happy as ever I made a lovely meal for my dearest of dear friends and couldn’t be more pleased with how my day turned out.

I truly think it’s all in how we start our day, get yourself going int the right mindset and you can do anything – big or small. Today my accomplishments may have been small but they were activities that not only make me so happy but also that I have been saying “I need to do this soon”.

i’d say today was a success and I am thankfully filed with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and yearning to find out what tomorrow has in store for me. This sunday my happiness is becoming in tune with what the world has had to offer me which I have simply overlooked my whole life. Giving in to what my body & soul ask of me and opening my eyes to the fact that these things are good for me. Finally, to be gracious and maintain a consistent sense of graciousness that all those around me can feel and feed off of because this is what we all need.

tomorrow I will wake up still full of all of these feelings and I will continue them throughout my day and spread them to all who have the opportunity to be around my positive atmosphere. I will anxiously be conscious of what is making me happy and what will be my day’s definition of happiness!

winding road ill follow you

What was your happiness today?…

my best days of thinking are during a rainshower…

how is it that rain can be so soothing? It’s just so lovely and beautiful, I can’t manage to get enough of it. I’ve honestly never been able to understand people that find a rainy day troublesome.

today, I am lucky enough to be starting my weekend off from work on the right foot…a perfectly rainy afternoon on this back porch  overlooking the droplets coming down on my vast garden. Here I’ll sit for a while or so day dreaming, listening to new music I’ve come across while snooping around the web and contemplating my next artistic venture.

song of the moment you ask? “Emmylou” by The First Aid Kit off of their album The Lion’s Roar, perfect. I found this one last night during my Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea induced insomnia. Just a smidgen of caffeine and I’m up all night – thank heavens for hypemachine!!

during my sleeplessness I found the music I came across to be quite inspiring. Soon enough I was onto my next DIY project. As I opened my sketchbook to finish a previous doodle I came across our most recent Free People August Catalogue and was instantly sparked with another idea. I up-cycled my catalogue into  what I’ll call a  “SummerLovin Mixtape” case. After an hour or so of creative overflow I found myself happy has a clam looking at my new DIY project success. A cuteness full of the loveliest of tunes from Sir Simon and Garfunkle, the chillingly talented Adele, the ever-talented Feist & so many more. Tomorrow I’ll post this on my instagram as well as Free People Boston’s ((check it out in my latest insta-post!)).

and as  I sat up in bed I heard the faint raindrops that would be the sun shower of today start to build up. How wonderful, a day off full of rainy, blissful delight. So here we are…rained in…and so, I am perfectly absorbing one aspect of what happiness really is. How’s about another mug of my Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea before an evening at my favorite Irish Pub with two of my dearest friends listening to fiddlers after a long rainy daze.

…how did you find happiness in this rainy Friday?